8. PyCharm setup

VELES can be developed in either Eclipse PyDev IDE or PyCharm IDE. If you choose PyCharm, the first step is downloading and running it. Grab Pycharm from the official site.

To run PyCharm you will need a JRE. Standard OpenJDK is enough. In Ubuntu, it is installable as openjdk-7-jre package.

8.1. General settings

8.1.1. Linux font rendering fix

As of 2014, PyCharm’s Swing default font rendering on Linux makes blood trickle from your eyes. To make it better (but not the best), append the following lines to bin/pycharm64.vmoptions:


and remove:


8.1.2. CodeGlance

You should install CodeGlance plugin (File -> Settings... -> Plugins -> Browse Repository).

8.1.3. Import settings

There is an “all-in-one” configuration which can be imported (tested on 3.4.1): download.

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