1. Introduction

VELES is a distributed platform, which provides machine learning and data processing services for a user. It is written in Python.


At first, check System Requirements.

People who work with VELES divided into three groups, or levels: 1 (casual user - Entry), 2 (models constructor - Medium) and 3 (unit developer - High). The first level users are supposed just to change model settings and do not write any code, whereas second level users may write custom models and third level users additionally write new units.

For Ubuntu:

User’s setup on Ubuntu (entry/medium level users)

Developer’s setup on Ubuntu (medium/high level users)

For Cluster deployers and other GNU/Linux:

User’s setup (Cluster deployers and entry/medium level users of GNU/Linux)

Here is introduction video “Veles in 2013”:

Currently Veles has ~225 units (elementary building blocks)

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