23. VelesForge

VelesForge is a service for sharing workflows (Veles Machine Learning models). It is located here: https://velesnet.ml/forge/forge.html.

23.1. How to download Model

Go to https://velesnet.ml/forge/forge.html , read descriptions, choose the Model and press download button. You can download the previous version of the Model with arrow button next to the dowload button. Use Search for searching specific Model.

23.2. How to create a package

To create a package for uploading, you need to create a manifest file (required JSON metadata). Example of manifest file:

"author": "VELES team",
"configuration": "kanji_config.py",
"long_description": "Model created for Chinese characters recognition. Dataset was generated by VELES with generate_kanji.py utility. Self-constructing Model. It means that Model can change for any Model (Convolutional, Fully connected, different parameters) in configuration file. Current model - fully-connected Neural Network with MSE loss function.",
"name": "Kanji",
"requires": [
    "veles >= 0.9.4",
    "veles.znicz >= 0.9.4"
"short_description": "Model created for Chinese characters recognition",
"workflow": "kanji.py",
"image": "kanji.png",
"tags": ["kanji", "self-constructing", "mse", "fully-connected"],
"files": ["generate_kanji.py", "__init__.py"],
"snapshots": ["https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/veles.forge/Kanji/kanji_8.1958_2.8874_validation_2.74_train_0.11.4.pickle.gz"]}

To create manifest file use veles forge assist command from command line. Example:

cd veles/znicz/samples/DemoKohonen

PYTHONPATH=../../.. python3 -m veles forge assist kohonen.py

Importing kohonen...
Scanning for dependencies...
Package name may not be longer than 64 chars.
Please enter the desired package name (Kohonen): DemoKohonen
Please enter a *short* description (<= 140 chars): Kohonen map demo on a simple two dimension dataset.
The long description will be taken from KohonenWorkflow's docstring.
Please introduce yourself (e.g., "Ivan Ivanov <i.ivanov@samsung.com>"): VELES team
Generating DemoKohonen...

After package generation, you can edit manifest file: manifest.json, you can remove some unnecessary files and add new ones. Workflow and config will be loaded automatically. To load other files, add them into files field in manifest.json. You can change the picture in the image field. And add some tags in the tags field.

23.3. How to register

If you want to download ready model, you don’t need an account in VelesForge. To upload/delete Model, you need to register first. Run:

python3 -m veles forge register -s https://velesnet.ml/forge -a your@email.com

You will receive the letter in the email address, which you entered in -a argument. The letter will contain your personal ID.

23.4. How to upload a package

To upload Model:

cd veles/znicz/samples/NameOfPackageToUpload
PYTHONPATH=../../.. python3 -m veles forge upload -s https://velesnet.ml/forge -d NameOfPackageToUpload/ -i your_id

Enter your id in -i argument

23.5. How to delete a package

To delete package:

python3 -m veles forge delete -s https://velesnet.ml/forge -n NameOfPackageToDelete/ -i your_id

If you have some problems, please contact podoynitsinalv@gmail.com or gmarkhor@gmail.com