10. Distributed setup

10.1. Same paths

Veles supposes that each slave and master have access to the same root path, in other words, Veles must be accessible by the same path on any node. Will it be NFS or Ceph or Lustre or anything else - it does not matter, except for speed.

10.2. SSH access

If you are not going to use Hadoop and plan to use pure Veles, then you will have to setup passwordless SSH access between master node and slave nodes. Normally, executing on master node:

ssh-copy-id <any slave>

is enough.

10.3. Logging setup

To enable centralized logs collection, you must install a MongoDB server. On Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install mongodb-org is enough, provided by addition of the official MongoDB repository as described in the manual.

The server address is passed via --log-mongo or just -g option and must be of the form “<host or IP>:port”, e.g. “”.

All the neccessary tables (veles.logs and veles.events), as well as indices are created automatically during the start of velescli.py and web status server.

Logging service

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