16. Configuration

16.1. Config class

Veles has a global tree of all settings which resides in veles.config. The root node is veles.config.root. All settings which are not specific to the loaded workflow are children of root.common, otherwise each workflow has it’s own namespace inside root, e.g. root.mnist_all2all (see manualrst_veles_using_configs). All tree nodes except leaves are instances of veles.config.Config.

Config class feels like a Javascript object, that is, it’s attributes are either Config-s or ordinary Python objects, like strings or lists. New children are added lazily, that is, if a Config instance “cfg” does not have an attribute “file”, value = cfg.file will assign a new plain Config to “value”, while cfg.file = "path" will set the attribute value to “path”. This allows us to write cfg.child.other.sub.threshold = 10 without ensuring that all intermediate nodes exist.

Config objects can be update()-d. update() method takes a dictionary or a Config and reconstructs the tree according to it. For example,

    "one": {
        "two": 2,
        "three": {
            "four": 4

creates cfg.one.two which equals to 2, cfg.one.three.four which equals to 4. If any nodes already exist, their values are overwritten. The code above looks like JSON and feels like JSON and was designed to be like JSON.

Config objects can be saved to JSON. One has to specify the custom encoder class:

import json
from veles.json_encoders import ConfigJSONEncoder
from veles.config import root

print(json.dumps(root, cls=ConfigJSONEncoder))

Config objects are pickleable as well.

Config objects can be pretty-printed using print_().

16.2. Configuration at import time

While veles.config is being imported, Veles searches and applies configuration updates from the following sources, skipping non-existent paths:

  1. Default root configuration inside veles.config
  2. veles.site_config
  3. root.common.dirs.dist_config / site_config.py
  4. root.common.dirs.user / site_config.py
  5. Current working directory / site_config.py

site_config.py should contain the function update() which takes root as a single argument and changes it inside. By default, root.common.dirs.dist_config points to “/etc/default/veles” and root.common.dirs.user points to current user’s home directory with ”.veles” appended. Thus it is possible to change Veles’ start settings in many ways.

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