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Hello, World!

Veles becomes open source, finally. It started as a specific production project in the beginning of 2013 at Samsung R&D Institute Russia, Moscow, and initially it was only me in charge of everything under Gennady Kuznetsov's supervision. Actually, Veles was his idea: create a proper coded neural network toolset. The core conception was revised several times, and eventually we've got what we've got now ☺.

The last several months were a race. The permission to release Veles as open source was extremely hard to get, because Samsung didn't do anything similar previously and ... I'd better shut up now to save the job ☺ Anyway, we would like to thank the people who helped us to make this happen, namely Mr. Min Suk Song, who was our project leader in Samsung Headquarters and struggled with higher bosses to continue the project, Ms. Seo Young Isabelle Hwang, who helped us very much with open source bureaucracy and processes, Dr. Mikhail Rychagov for his strategic criticism, Dr. Yong Min Lee, our former general director, for his inspirational goal statements, and everyone else who helped us with testing, who provided feedback and believed in us.

We are just beginning the show, so stay tuned...

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